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Telematics that doesn't
cost the Earth

Vehicle Tracking
Asset Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

  • 24/7 real time visibility of your entire fleet 

  • No minimum number of vehicles required

  • Self install and engineer fitted systems available

  • Standalone and integrated camera options

  • Easy to use desktop dashboard and App

  • Daily vehicle logs and route maps

  • Geofencing capabilities

  • Monitor driver behaviour

  • Affordable rental contracts

Asset Tracking

  • Small, discreet systems that you can attach to, or hide on almost any asset

  • Location monitoring alerts to suit

  • Powerful reporting software

  • Helps lower the cost of insurance premiums and reduce claims costs

  • No professional installation required

  • Devices powered by a longlife internal battery, providing up to five years of tracking data

  • IP67 waterproof rated devices making them suitable for use on most outdoor conditions.

Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracking

​Insurance approved vehicle trackers that provide peace of mind and protection for your vehicle. Enjoy the benefits of reliable and cost-effective insurance approved GPS vehicle tracking.​

  • Thatcham S5 and S7 approved systems

  • Meets requirements for vehicle insurers

  • Priority 1 police response available

  • 24/7 monitoring, with live vehicle location and history

  • Nationwide professional installation

Insurance Tracking
Car Dashboard Screen

Want a customisable solution?
Let's talk.

Rear passenger view of driver in an electric car
Argicultural vehicle moving through a golden field

Discover control with vehicle, asset and driver telematics solutions.

Find the right product to give you an extra layer of security and control over your assets, including vehicles, plant machinery and equipment. With comprehensive insights and real-time tracking, you can protect your business, workforce, and reputation.

We can recommend and arrange a variety of solutions to suit every business, from self-installed telematics devices and dashcams to asset trackers no bigger than a matchbox.

How can telematics benefit your business?

We help you take control and keep track all your assets. 

Whichever insights you need, we will have a solution.

Our telematics solutions help you protect your assets, prevent theft and fraud, and tackle unauthorised usage of your vehicles and equipment.

Real-time monitoring enhances the security of your people and possessions, while reducing downtime in your business.

Reduce Costs

More efficient routing, improved MPG, lower insurance premiums, less misuse and higher asset recovery will help you reduce your business costs.

Improve Safety

Increase Security

Take control

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